As homo sapiens, we are part of a world that is much bigger than ourselves. We must interact and cooperate with a host of other organisms that coexist on this planet with us. This can be a difficult concept for us to understand because we are used to taking control of our surroundings and mastering them for our benefit. For example, we raise animals such as cattle and goats in order to benefit from both their byproducts and their meat. We used to raise oxen and horses and make them do our labor for us.

This idea of humans taking control of the earth has had far reaching implications. One of these implications that is a hot button topic in our modern age is how our industry affects the environment. We know that the agriculture and industry are important for our advancement and sustainment. However, how far is too far? There have obviously been gross misuses of our environment. Our history of oil spills and fracking are a testament to how we have abused the environment with our recklessness. In fact, several species of animals have even gone extinct from overhunting or industry impeding on the fragility of the ecosystem.

The Debate


There is an ongoing debate as to what man’s role is in his environment. Many of us think that we are here to take what is ours and dominate all that is weaker than us. This plays out in a variety of ways. For example, some feel the need to clear out their land manually. They’ll call a company to get land clearing service quotes┬áin order to have their land flattened and free of all natural objects. This can, however, result in a destroyed ecosystem. This will end up eliminating a lot of wildlife and organisms that usually subsist on those trees. Others, will however, nurture their environment, saying, “I need to care for my fruit trees.” This can be very beneficial for the environment and the things that live in the immediate surroundings of these people.

Whatever position you choose, it is important that you think very carefully about what you are representing. There are many lives of organisms that are at stake depending on what you think, so it is important that you be prudent in your decision.

Whether it is caring for animals or just consulting tree removal, you should be sure that you are making the right decision.

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