In this world, we must do what we need to do in order to survive, right?

Upon first glance, this statement appears to be some sort of no brainer. Let’s be honest Who in their right mind is going to deny someone the opportunity to make sure that they maintain their existence as a human on this planet?



The answer to this question might be a little bit difficult than it may first appear. Obviously we would love to make sure that everyone has the right to survive. However, what if surviving entailed doing wrong to others? For example. what if a homeless beggar had to resort to stealing from stores and people in order to get money for food everyday? These questions become difficult in the context of human morality. Oftentimes, everything that we do is guided by some kind of subconscious moral compass that we have developed from living in human society on planet earth.

Biological model

If we follow some sort of biological model, then we give ourselves over to some sort of state of nature. The state of nature describes a circumstance in which everything (in human society, that is) is allowed to act as it would in nature. This reduces us to a sort of animalistic default. As a result, we place the survival of others in danger and let evolution run its course.

However, is that such a bad thing? Is it wrong to let those who are stronger dominate the weak? You decide.

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