There are many people who remember admiring some kind of superhero during their childhood. This is nothing out of the ordinary, because each superhero displays or possesses some kind of incredible trait and power that makes their circumstance seem particularly desirable.

Even now in adulthood, there are surely those who would be excited at the prospect of being able to gain some sort of talent or change something about one of their flaws into something amazing. This kind of thinking may seem too dreamy and fanatical, but actually is not. Over the past few decades, researchers have been able to work on engineering genetical material for animals in order to make them better or stronger. They are beginning to learn how to select against diseases in the genome, making these animals live longer and stronger.

The scary (or not so scary, depending on how you look at it) part is, that kind of technology is not that far off for us humans. We have the opportunity to make ourselves stronger and better.



While most of us would definitely desire to be immune to sickness and stronger in every way, we must also think about the repercussions of these kinds of technologies. For example, all of these medical advances come at some sort of cost. This means that the offspring of the rich might be able to benefit from this kind of genetic alteration, while the poor might remain “suffering”at the status quo. This could provide very serious discrepancies between the two classes, leading to an imbalance and rising tensions that could result in some sort of war.

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