Philosophy in Shakespeare



When we think of Shakespeare, we unfortunately revert to a silly picture of a man in a wig who has some sort of weird frilly garb on his body. We also think of him as an overly pedantic writer with both humor and intellect far outside of our reach to understand.

These are unfortunately inaccurate thoughts to have. William Shakespeare was without a doubt a genius in his own right. However, we dismiss him as a philosopher because we spend too much time trying to focus on the beauty of his plays and writing. While this is not a bad thing, we definitely miss out on the great things that Shakespeare has to say about life, love, and the great beyond. This post is meant to help open your eyes to just a sample of Shakespeare’s philosophies. Read on to find out more!


The Tempest

One of Shakespeare’s great plays is entitled “The Tempest.” In this play, Shakespeare tackles some interesting concepts. One of these concepts is that of the Great Chain of Being. This idea tries to describe the position of everything in the world. Essentially, the Chain of Being articulates that each being in the world belongs on a link of this great chain. If someone tries to supersede another being on another link of the chain, then the natural flow of things is ruined and chaos ensues. This becomes very clear in the beginning when the characters are plotting some sort of murder and overthrowing of power. This results in a huge storm at sea.

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