The Prince



Nobody likes being told what to do. We all have some kind of innate sense within us that makes us want to resist authority. And this makes sense! While we are communal beings, we are also very independent and have some desire to rule ourselves and our choices.

This also sometimes happens with states and large groups of collective people. Unfortunately, this can prove to be somewhat difficult, because if states are all independently ruled, then there might not be anything binding them together.

This is one of the thoughts of the Italian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli. This thinker wrote a book entitled The Prince in which he urges the Italian family in power, the Medicis, to seize hold of all of the states surrounding them and bring them together under one rule. This book is very interesting because it promotes some philosophy and some government ideals that are very unpopular in this day and age. Read on to get more information!

Squashed philosophy


While some might think that Machiavelli had some great ideas, it is important to realize what he was proposing. He wanted to take away the individual freedoms of the states surrounding the Medici family. This would have caused great economic stress on these states and may have caused a lot of turmoil in trying to unite them. History shows that states that have tried to unite have sometimes ended up in civil wars. This results in unnecessary bloodshed. So, you see, we cannot support these kinds of Machiavellian ideas.

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